Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring VIB Program

***Thanks to all that signed up, this post is now closed**

Can you believe it's almost show time.  Just a few weeks away and the lines will be forming for the Spring Marburger Farm Antique Show. We want to go ahead and announce our VIB Program for the Spring Show!
I had several of you ask more about what exactly is the "VIB Program"? As a VIB (Very Important Blogger), this will give you a chance for you as a blogger to tell us why you like coming to the Marburger Farm Show. Who are some of your favorite vendors that you want to see or what are your favorite places to visit? Tell us what are your favorite things you've seen or found here. Give us all the details, we are all ears!

Here are the guidelines this year to sign up for this program.

Provide us the link to a previous post about the Marburger Farm Antique Show. When you leave us a comment, please be sure to include the link. This year, we are changing things a bit. If you've never been or ever posted about Marburger Farm before, please come and check us out this time. You must have blogged about the show to be eligible to enter.

It's that simple. Just provide the link and we'll check it out.

Once approved, we will send you an invitation with a link for you to register as a VIB*. Remember, you must leave us a comment on this post so that we can provide you the new link. Some of you are already eager to sign up, but the old link is no longer valid.

Once you are registered you'll receive a postcard to exchange at the gate for a wristband. Your deadline to register is by March 26! Yes, you only have one week to do so, please hurry and leave us a comment.
*ALL Registered Bloggers will need to check-in with me, Theresa during show hours. This year I'll be located in Tent A, Ad4. Just look for the red ladder with the mannequin and you'll find me. I will not be at the Gulf Warehouse Building this time.
Also, you will not be able to enter early. You must wait until the bell rings to be able to enter and at that time you'll receive a swag bag & credentials. Please do not try to come in early or you will be asked to go back to the line.
A few things we are asking you to please remember, before taking any pictures of dealer's spaces, you must ask them for permission before photographing their displays. If you are allowed to take pictures, please either take their business card or make a note of who the dealer is so that when you blog about them you can give them credit for the photo(s) taken. One thing I've done before is take a picture of their business card before taking pictures of their space. That way in case I can't remember, their name appears before the set of pictures. This is really important to remember because in times past I've seen pictures of dealer's spaces on the internet but at times no credit was given to them and it leaves you wondering who's great space that display was in. It's just really courteous too to credit them because they've worked really hard to find the great things and to display them. We really appreciate you honoring this. Also, please don't take it personal if someone does not allow you take pictures of their space. There are very good reasons for them to tell you no.
One last final note. If you've never signed up to leave a comment on our blog, it's fairly easy. Just follow the steps to initially register.
We are so excited that you want to come back to Marburger Farm and hope you are just blown away at our awesome vendors here. We look forward to seeing you and can't wait to see those posts.
Can you believe the tents are already going up:

Less than two weeks before the show starts!! See you soon.


  1. Looking forward to another great show. Here's the link to my post from last fall:

    1. Hello Michelle, I just sent you an email from Marburger Farm. Thanks, Theresa


    This will be my 12th trip but here's a post from my 7th. I'll be arriving in Texas on the 27th, can I pick up my pass from you somewhere before opening day? Thanks, Scarlett

    1. Hey Scarlett, just sent you an email. Thanks, Theresa

  3. Oh my! This is an exciting opportunity! Marburger - and MAI's dealers who sell with you - are in my posts for every show. I also shop Marburger several times each fall and spring, and I mention you on Facebook and Pinterest, too. Two recent links are and I would love to add what I can to Marburger's exposure and hope, hope, hope to hear from you! Thanks from Marilyn

    1. Hello Marilyn, I just checked out the links you provided. Thanks for the beautiful pics you showed of our vendors. I'm going to send you an email. Thanks.

  4. Looking forward to a beautiful spring show! Here's my post from last fall
    Thanks for the VIB treatment!

  5. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the VIB excited!


  6. I requested opening day off from school months ago, and it happens to also be the first day of state testing! Oops, but what an even better day it will be at the show! Cannot wait, and see you soon Theresa!

  7. Thanks for hosting the VIB program, Marburger Farms is my favorite spot at Round Top. The displays are gorgeous and inspirational. Counting down the days to the show! Can't wait!


  8. I am counting down the days! Here is my recent post

    I'm also including another post I did about "antiques" in general, but mentioned the show...

    Thank you for this incredible opportunity!

  9. Theresa, not sure if my earlier post went through. I cannot WAIT to see all y'all in 10 short days. I'll be there on the 4th! Dusting off my 2011 Marburger post:

    Thanks and see you soon! XOX Sue

  10. I can hardly believe time has come for Marburger! It seems like the fall show just ended... but I am looking forward to it.

    Here is a link from my blog. I have another post coming this week with more photos.

    I look forward to seeing you Theresa.

    Here's a link to one of my Marburger posts... I think it has some of my favorite photos.

  11. I can't wait to see everyone this year, although I have already seen quite a few folks. Here is a link to my post from last year. See you soon.
    Lisa ~ Pix Up Stix

  12. Gonna shop and do a little snappin' one of many