Monday, April 22, 2013

Sparks Interiors and Antiques

You just never know what new vendor you'll find at Marburger Farm and when their displays immediately stop you, you know you're going to find a treasure.  That happened for me this time.  I know Donald Sparks of Sparks Interiors and Antiques isn't new to Marburger Farm, however he was new to Tent B.  After visiting with him for a while and taking in all his fabulous displays and things, he mentioned he was in Tent H and for this Spring show had moved to Tent B.

I loved how I seemed to find treasure after treasure at every turn.  He had created displays as far up as the eye could see and his booth was like a wonderful maze of things to delight the senses.

My favorite find of all is this tall doorway piece that I bought from him:
As you walked under the doorway piece you came across this table and chairs and awesome silver domes:
Straight in front of me was this awesome cabinet full of more great things:
Now this industrial piece would have looked great any place:
And look at these cute awnings:
Not only did he have industrial items, there were primitive pieces as well:
Take a look at what else he had:
 There was a little bit of French items too:
He even had items for your garden:
And he brought a boat as well:

Donald had so many items for you to choose from.  He will be setting up at the Homestead Antique Fair in Hico at the end of May.  I hope you'll come out and find his booth at Marburger Farm in the Fall.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

~ Gatherings ~

Each Spring and Fall Agnes Strauss has been setting up at the Marburger Farm Antique Show almost since day one.  She said herself and a handful of vendors set up in a tent.  She's now in a tent of her own.  Her business cards says it all, "A collection of natural treasures from the fields, the woods, & the seashore". 

You will most definitely find one of a kind, unique treasures that Agnes has created from seashells attached to great vintage bottles, or naturally dried hydrangeas, or as she had this time one of the best displays that I just couldn't stop staring at. 

I could have envisioned her "woodlands" display in a home, that you'll see in the first picture below, in a garden house, or even an office.  Yes I would have put it in my office in heart beat.

Take a look at what she creates:

This piece of coral caught my attention:

It was one of the prettiest pieces of coral I've seen in a while and paired with the mirror was beautiful.

The bottles she welds with shells are works of art on their own.  Add them to your collection or start a new one.

The shells that have naturally formed on these bottles were interesting to see.

More great things that she had in her booth.
Even her displays outside were appealing:

I hope you look for Agnes the next time you come to the show.  You can't miss her, just look for all the plants outside her tent when you drive into the show.  So much more to come.